Click on picture to see larger version Snetterton 1 - Westfield 0

Having stripped most of the car down, it turns out that there is too much damage to the chassis to repair (see below). Unfortunately, this means buying a new chassis and bodywork from Westfield. Fortunately though, the engine, gearbox, roll-cage and data-logging dashboard appear to have escaped unscathed.

I've decided to order a complete kit, as it contains all the wishbones and body parts I need, but there are many holes to drill and rivets to fit before I'm back racing again! Collection date is Friday 19th May, which means I'm going to be pretty busy from now on building Westfield number 3...

The force of the impact ripped out chassis members on the driver's side
Luckily the engine escaped unscathed
You don't need a chassis jig to tell that this one is bent...

Come back soon to see how the rebuild is progressing, or click here to e-mail me messages of encouragement!

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