Chassis: Epoxy coated, lightweight steel space frame with additional bracing, covered in aluminium panels fixed with rivets and high-strength epoxy adhesive.
Body: Lightweight Orange fibreglass shell.

Suspension: Standard Westfield wishbones, cast aluminium front and rear uprights, billet aluminium front hubs. Front and rear anti-roll bars. Standard Westfield supplied rosejoints have been modified, as rosejoints are prohibitted in the regulations.
Brakes: (Front) Grooved discs, Carbo-metallic pads, cast iron Ford 2-pot callipers. (Rear) Standard Ford Sierra discs and pads. Separate master cylinders front and rear with adjustable balance.
Dunnell Zetec Engine

Engine: 1800cc Ford Zetec engine built by Dunnell Engines. The only permitted modifications are stronger big-end bolts. Approx. 155 bhp at the flywheel.
Carburettors: 2 x Weber 40 DCOE side-draught.

Gearbox and final drive: Ford Cortina 2-litre gearbox, with Quaife straight-cut internals. Ford Sierra differential.
Clutch: Standard Ford clutch, with hydraulic release bearing.
Wheels and tyres: 6x13" 3-piece billet aluminium wheels, fitted with 185/60x13 Yokohama A032 Advan tyres.
Safety: Full roll-cage, made from aviation spec. T45 steel. Fully plumbed-in, electrically operated fire extinguisher system. 6-point 3" race harness. Foam filled fuel tank.
Other: Stack System 3 Data-logging Dash display system - downloadable to a PC for analysis.
Weight: 532 Kg with 1/2 tank of fuel (598 including driver, with a 46/54% front/rear distribution)

Performance: 0-60 in approx. 5 seconds, max speed is about 120 mph.