My first Westfield was built over a period of almost 2 years, starting in October 1991, when I was 16. It has the following specification:

Chassis: Epoxy coated steel spaceframe, covered in aluminium panels, fixed with rivets.
Body: Red fibreglass.
Suspension: Standard Westfield suspension.
Brakes: (Front) Standard Ford Cortina Mk 3/4, with Mintex race pads. (Rear) Standard Escort Mk 2 Drums.
Engine: Ford OHV Crossflow, 1600cc (originally fitted with 1300cc). Fitted with 1100cc pistons, lightened and balanced and tuftrided crankshaft, Kent 260 camshaft and ported head. Approx. 120 bhp at the flywheel.
Carburettor: 1 x Weber 32/36 DGAV Twin-choke down-draught.
Gearbox and final drive: Ford 4-speed RS2000 gearbox, Ford Mk2 Escort live rear axle.
Clutch: Standard Ford clutch assembly.
Wheels and Tyres: 6x13" Revolution alloy wheels, 185/60x13 Yokohama 008R tyres.
Safety: RAC-spec rear roll-over bar. Hand held fire extinguisher. 3 point safety harness.

Performance: 0-60 in approx. 6.5 seconds, max speed is about 120 mph.