The Cars

I currently own two Westfield Sportscars, both of which have seen action in the Kit Car Championship. My first Westfield is a red SE (live rear axle) model, which is fitted with a 1600cc Ford Crossflow engine, producing about 125 bhp. I build it over a period of nearly 2 years, starting when I was 16 years old, and it was originally built as a road car. As it was my first ever car, I wasn't to keen for it to be damaged, and this was one of the reasons that persuaded me to build a new car over the winter of 1998/1999.

My second Westfield is an orange SEiW (independent rear suspension), and it is fitted with a Dunnell 1800cc Ford Zetec engine, normally found in Ford Escorts and Mondeos. I took the opportunity to build a dedicated race car, with various enhancements to try to make it safer and faster, for example a full roll cage, and a data-logging dash display unit. Various "hiccups" during the build meant that I missed the first 3 races, but the extra performance and reliability of this car should mean that I can pick up plenty of points during the rest of the season.

Please click on one of the pictures below to find out more about either car.

Red Westfield Orange Westfield